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About us

Learn more about our state-of-the-art facility and our tradition


We are a family-owned company who primary specialized in manufacturing of high-quality wooden boxes and wooden cases.
Wood at it's best!

Our History

Founded 1924 - we are working in the 5th generation for finest wooden boxes and cases. All will be developed and produced in our own facility in the heart of Germany.

We pay attention to highquality raw materials from sustainable ressources - hand crafted and in working process from our carpenter and well-skilled wooden specialist in our state-of-the-art machineries. We invest in our facility and in "made of Germany" to guarantee supplier's reliability, service and high quality. 

We will be your partner from your first idea to the final production - we will advice from first development and we will always find the perfect solution for your 'packaging problems'.

A wooden box and case which is printed with your logo and brand will advertise for a very long time - no end-user will throw away such a wooden case and i.e. take it for other stuff. 

Insight in our wood world

We offer from a wide array of products from funtional packaging to custom-made cases crafted specifically to your specifications. We will be your reliable partner.

Picture of Wood shavings

If you have questions

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