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We are working with 100% sustainable raw materials. Learn more about our raw materials and used parts.

Sustainability - clean balance

Wood as a raw material has many advantages and is characterized by its postive ecobalance. - of course, we are PEFC certified!

PEFC certified

for sutainable forest management

Our solid wood, mostly beech wood or oak, comes from national, local forest with sustainable forest manamgent and reforesting. 

PEFC is the world largest forest certification system for sustainable forest management. Hatzel is registered under PEFC No. #04-31-1471 

The PEFC logo guarantees that the wood comes from sustainable forest, where as many trees are planted as are cut down each year. 

high-quality hardware and fittings

First impression counts

Suitable to the design and handling we choose the perfect metal fittings and hardware.

Size and functionallity fits your requirements and design. 

You can choose between different kind of hardware, from pressured hinges and closures to screwed-on fittings. 

Finishing & logos

silk-screen printing and branded logos

Suitable to the colors from the fittings we will finishing your wooden box with the printed or branded logo 

Your logo will advertise for your company and brand - nobody will throw away such a high quality wooden packaging. 


the perfect finish!

Wood gets the right colour from the right stain - and using stain will help to bring out the true character of the wood. It does not matter whether you would like real wood such as Walnut, Cherry or Mahogany or if you prefer low priced beech wood. Our erching techniques bring out the bes in any type of wood - always classic!

You can define the gloss level with the lacquer from matt shisih to shiny. The lacquer will protect your wooden packaging as well as it will be the 'dot on the i'

Our innovativ grinding techniques are the important part for the lacquering and so the perfect surface!

Our lacquering and stains are certified to DIN EN 71 - but if you will be in the food branch we would prefer to use no lacquer, also without any lacquer appears!

Insight in our wood world

We offer a wide array of products from practical wooden packaging up to custom-made cases!

Picture of Wood shavings

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